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About T.V.F.(2002)

T.V.F. (2002) co., ltd is a diversified company where field of operation ranges from distributing animal and livestock feed and tools, agricultural chemicals and tools, reselling frozen fresh products domestically and internationally, to travel and accommodation business.
Our Company

Initiated  by Dr. Tanomsak Serivichyaswat, DVM, former president of Chiangrai Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Preeya Serivichyaswat, DVN.  Since 1960, we have been operating businesses from generation to generation. Started from local farm and now extended to global sourcing of agricultural goods. Since then we have been cultivating experiences of raising animals and livestock. Meanwhile more diversified businesses were also established which we combined outstanding core advantages of each business to satisfy our global partners. In 2002, T.V.F(2002) Group was found to support our growth. We are now expert in providing best service for best quality products.


With diversified businesses in accommodation, we integrated outstanding services into our B2B business which for us, customers satisfaction is our company's primary attention. In any case that our partner is in seek for product that is not existing in our product line, we will be more than happy to explore global supply for local demand.


For us, nobody in our company is less-regarded than the other. Therefore we emphasise importance to everyone equally. Safety of our members is one of the factors we concern the most. We always reassure that our members have appropriate tools for their field tasks provided with safety equipment. 

Environment & Sustainability

We are most aware about environment. Primarily, we do not pursue any means that will lessen cost and quality of our products. We give zero tolerance regarding impacts to environment such like zoonosis and contagious. Hence all of our products must come with 100% traceability to support sustainability to local agricultural industries, and society.

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