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We eliminate concerns. Our products come from renown manufacturers in Europe and USA where we can provide 100% traceability.
Chicken by-product Meal

As a sole distributor in Thailand for biggest rendering plants around the world, we deliver to you, highest quality chicken meal. These plants are dedicated to chicken processing, therefore the purity of raw material is certified.

Porcine Meal

We offer our partners with different types of porcine meal. Contamination of any other species are strictly prohibited where we conduct DNA tests for every batch to avoid delivering defected material to our partners even though our manufacturing plants only process porcine products.

Poultry Meal

Our products are rendered from poultry parts that were once intended for human consumption. We can ensure our partners with outstanding services with exclusive ability to trace products' origin in any case.

Feed Additives

We specialises in natural feed additives. With various types of feed additives for our partners to choose from. We only import products from rendering plants with best technological advances in order for us to deliver most nutritious material to factory doors.

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